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About Us

Santolio is from an idea by Enrico F., Andrea M. and Andrea D., respectively a veterinarian, a law graduate and a pharmacist.

The union of our professions, coupled with the desire to believe in a shared idea led to the creation of Greencom.

The Greencom project operates under a recently formed Italian start-up producing inflorescence-biomass of sinsemilla Cannabis Sativa. The production of sinsemilla (seedless) inflorescences heightens quality and ensures a high level of CBD.

The experiences of members of our team in agronomics and biodynamic wine making has given us an idea that there is only one way to obtain something from nature: with respect and dedication. 

Observing and knowing how to wait, we passionately care for and cultivate our fields situated along the banks of the Brenta River.

Ours is a work of research, manual, eco-compatible, green and rooted in commitment and passion.

These are the values of Greencom. Greencom is us.


Offering a line of natural products created to foster a harmonious respect between the wellbeing of the environment and the health of the human body.
Safeguarding and caring for the process of production, from the outset. Growing on lands we own and according to biodynamic agriculture. For us this translates into guaranteeing the highest quality of our products, protecting the wellbeing of consumers and transparency throughout the entire process of production, from seed to extraction.


To champion a new and growing awareness focused on deflating preconcepts and promoting the inclusion of innovative therapeutic and qualitatively verified products. To help people experience the beneficial and curative potential of Cannabis Sativa that, thanks to its natural particularities, can be an effective and versatile therapeutic preparation.

Products from our lands

Our entire line of products comes from lands we own. The fields where we grow Cannabis Sativa are adjacent to our property.

These fields were once used to cultivate and produce cereals, such as grain and similar products. In 2019 these fields were converted to grow cannabis.

Our fields benefit from a total absence of any chemical composts. This allows the soil to be enriched by microorganisms and create an ideal environment for hosting a rich entomofauna.

How are products are born


Our Cultivations

Our lands extend across 4 hectares and benefit from an attentive support to the vitality of the soil, thanks to a reconstitution with the rhythms of nature and the elimination of any chemical pesticides. We use only synergic agricultural techniques, including: green manures from legumes that allow us to add biomass to the soil, and the introduction of mint, rosemary and geraniums along the planting rows to ward off insects, while respecting the ecosystem.


The Laboratory

The (SICaM affiliated) laboratory we work with is dedicated to the transformation and quality control of Cannabis Sativa. We entrust them with the extraction process that treats inflorescences without using solvents to preserve the natural state of the plant right up to the extracted product. Transforming this raw material according to the dictates of nature leaves the phytocomplex unaltered, in other words, the collection of elements that together affect our physiology.



Setting out from the principles of trustworthiness and innovation, we intend to present the therapeutic power of Cannabis Sativa. This is why our line of products is present in pharmacies and herbalist’s shops. We see it an ambassador of a change that seeks to inform and bring a new and renewed awareness.